A huge mobile crane fell off a truck while being transported in Merebank, Durban, shortly before midnight on Friday. The crane had crashed several surrounding vehicles smashing into two taxis and a light motor vehicle. As a result, one person has been killed and 30 other people have been harmed.

Rescue Care paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said that the 80-ton crane came loose from the trailer of the truck it was being towed on and rolled down Himalayas Road in the south Durban suburb.

“The scene was ‘absolute chaos’,” he added.

“An abnormal truck carrying a trailer with an 80-ton crane on it somehow got dislodged from the horse and began to roll down Himalayas Road. The trailer then crashed into two taxis and a vehicle near the intersection of Simla Road.”

The dislodged crane caused numerous casualties leaving some drivers and passengers trapped in their cars.

The thirty injured were transported to various Durban hospitals for treatment.


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